Testimony explaining how a human problem is solved

This is the video of our 3000th project that was managed technically. See the frames of this video and understand how a human body is changing. We have 3000+ videos like this as specimens and testimony.

This isa vedio of an 18 yeras old boy.  He has been disabled, retarded for body and mind.  His chromosome has been 21 trisomies ( down syndrome)too.  This case has been used monitored in each and every step during the 45 days developmental period. This case is considered as a  technical specimen for parents and medical students to follow the steps and procedure. He became a normal person in  14 days and the rest period has been used for the development of the body, bridging with the mind etc. the full-length live video is a reference material stating that how he is trained during and after the normalisation process. This is considered as a project for eliminating disability and converting to normalcy. This is a short video for reference purposes and you can see the changes through the frames. The same video nearly 20 hours long, is available for reference purposes and following to setup training by the parents in home and society.