Comparison of Spirituality and Modern Sciences.

Guru Yogi Mohan

As per the evidence, the history of spirituality is available for 12000 years and modern science is 300 years.  

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 Comparison of Spirituality and Modern Sciences

As per the evidence, the history of spirituality is available for 12000 years and modern science is 300 years.  

The carbon dating of Dropa stones recovered from the Chinese part of the Himalaya shows evidence of the age of ancient scientific approaches. Dropa stones are stone discs with markings and drawings. The carbon dating shows its age is 12000 years. 

 The Chinese communist government buried the evidence of the drawings and signature of the oldest script. But the photographs are available in the library. As per the teachings of the ancient masters, there are 1432 drawings and signatures. This 1432 is the number of subjects connecting with life sciences. The definitions of these drawings are available to the tradition in the form of voice. Thousands of descriptions are there in the spiritual schools of an ancient tradition. After developing the language Sanskrit, most of them were described as one line in Vedas. All these are without definitions. Scripts of languages are not developed during this pre-Vedic period. So drawings and markings were used for encryption. A single image described many explanations. 

The definition of spiritual science has been different from the popular philosophical understanding nowadays. The word " science" is starting to use in the 17th century AD only. The word science is known as natural philosophy.

 The oldest civilisation started from the peak of the Himalayan mountains. It is the place for experiencing the implies and events. 

Why and how it started in the Himalayas? 

Himalaya helped to find out the natural energies that influencing beings. As per Hindu mythology, sound is the first energy. And through that formation of living organisms is happening. The vibrations of sound are defined based on experience and events. The Himalayas were covered with ice for six months from November to May. This solid ice will breaks as slabs in a uniform shape during this period. For another six months, the soil and rocks of the Himalayas will be sliding. The masters experienced that the Himalayas is vibrating by the action of sound. And Himalaya is growing upward nearly 50 centimetres in 10 years.

 The growth of the Himalayas is happening as the aftereffect of vibrations. Geological Survey of India reported, in 1949, the fossils of the Himalayas is come up from the deep sea. The age of this fossil is 150 million years. 

The masters described that sound is the fundamental energy for the formation of everything. The sound is known as Ohm. This statement is agreed by modern science too. In 1952, a German scientist named Winfried Otto Schumann discovered a theory for that is the modern interpretation of sound and vibrations in the earth. It is similar to ancient knowledge. Later this theory has been known as Schumann resonances. It is used to monitor global lightning activity. It says, every moment 2,000 thunderstorms roll over to Earth, producing some 50 flashes of lightning every second. Each lightning burst creates electromagnetic waves that begin to circle Earth captured between Earth's surface and a boundary about 60 miles up. Some of the waves create a repeating atmospheric heartbeat known as Schumann resonance. These heartbeats are the vibration of Erath told by the ancient masters 12000 years ago now. 


The limited dimensions of the Earth cause this waveguide to act as a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves in the ELF band. The cavity is naturally excited by electric currents in lightning.

 This lightning effect is producing extremely low frequencies (ELF). These thunderstorms are directly linked to innovation and are known as Schumann resonance signals. Based on this, NASA has scanned the living earth and the sound recorded using advanced instruments. 


The next statement is about the structure of the human body. The ancient definition is a human body is forming by the act of worms and sperms. The first sperm donated by the father is the primary living organism and it divides into a particular format. Every such sperm are vibrating from the nucleus. There are billions of microorganisms in the human body. All those are working together is called the mind. This vibration creates a heartbeat.  

Modern biology agrees that nearly 120 billion microorganisms working in the human body are called microbes. There are more than 1400 comparisons based on events and life junctions between spiritual technology to modern science. I am mentioning here only a few of them. 

The next spiritual theory is the importance of belief in God. God and asuras are the theories in spiritual tradition. What it says is that the mind is a powerful mechanism for human beings. Mind means the origin of thought. The mind is a powerful mechanism that works as per thought. The important thing is that as per the thought process the mind will discharge a corresponding chemical. Most of these chemicals will be toxin content for another person. A thought process can cause to discharge of different kinds of chemicals. It is defined nowadays as the human pheromones. The toxin content discharge from the body of asura that they think destruction. Socially committed persons think about good things to have happened for others.

Now society is learned to wear a mask to escape and protect from the coronavirus. Controlling the thought and emitting pheromones are the important administration through devotion to God and classification of God. It creates standard pheromones to the living microcosm. 

As per the spiritual definition, the life of a human being is eighty-four years and for that eighty for junctions in life. Life is a project as part of the teachings of the spiritual master for organising it. 

 The posters of the Gods have also administrated the thought process of the man. The methodology of the teachings of spiritual technologies has been a kind of teaching method and that has been effective than the modern teaching methods. 

 The characterisation in the epic stories and books are for the teaching process of spiritual science /technically. Without describing a scene and dialogue the concept are not communicated now and then. In spiritual technologies, there are sixty-four sciences. All those sciences are individually explained for relating the events and junctions in human life. It starting from conceiving a pregnancy to the mature death. These are the theories for everything in the universe. In modern science, the definitions are available for the matter we are seeing through our eyes. As per the ancient teachings, the invisible particles and repulsive forces have been more important than coronavirus. There are approximately 48000 human pheromones discharges will experience in human life. Resiting this is a task. The ancient masters advised to live in dooms and organise the mind with a particular thought. The ancient school of thought has been taught this topic. Constructing the dooms has been a culture for the tradition. As part of these teachings worshipping in the temple has been started. Nearly 141 kinds of yogas are taught to the society for the organisation of mind and thought. It is like teaching a driver how to drive a car. The manufacturing technology, the working principle of an automobile engine, and metallurgy of every part is a difficult topic to teach to the driver. And that is not teaching too. Similarly, the teaching of spirituality and related technology are large topics and that is not teaching to the common man. The Observation effects are described in spiritual tradition. The observation of the masters changed the human body and mind. It has been advised by the masters and became part of spirituality. Now modern science also recommends observation in all areas. 


In physics, the observer effect shows that the absents of protons in a double-slit experiment. 

The Hawthorne Effect also called the Observer Effect, is where people in studies change their behaviour because they are watched.

 The observer effect is impacting the behaviour of a computer on observing while it is running. For example, if a process uses a log file to record its progress, the process could slow down. Almost in everything, the observer effect is the cause to develop or disappear the object. And in the matter of human cases, the observer effect shows progress in behaviour. Observer effect that changes the presents of particles as per the double-slit theory of modern physics too.

The human body is discharging particles that change to a beholder. This experiment was first done by the architect of the Egyptian pyramid Imotep through the analysis of different discharges. He identified the complicated pheromones and particles that helped him to innovate the pheromones and fragrance. The identification of toxic pheromones is the oldest knowledge of the Himalayan tradition.

 I have hundreds of such ideas that are helpful for the elimination of human problems and conditions. Now it is not the time for separating old and new. The living longevity theory is the only formula for survival from AMR and rare diseases. If do not want a complete distraction an immediate action is required from old knowledge.

Guru Yogi Mohan


Guru Yogi Mohan is an author and life sciences consultant. This article is the outline of the book " Spirituality and Modern Science"

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