Teaching Programs

Kayakalpa for Normalizing Rare Disease

Kayakalpa is an ancient formula and practice for living longevity and changing the body to immunity through regenerating body cells and chemistry. This technology has been practiced since the pre-Vedic period as a traditional system of India. The Kayakalpa process is, keeping the body in an inorganized place for a particular time. It is an organized place or a room control nine external forces. In that, all the body cells will be regenerated to a healthy cell structure with all normal chemical content. And upon completion of the period, the body will be free from all the diseases include all kinds of rare diseases and disabilities. The aging of the human body is happening by the attacks of the nine external forces. Upon controlling it for a few weeks of time the body will be converted like the body of a child with new cells and appearance. Through this process, at least 30% of the appearance will be changed to a young age at one time. Using this method one can live for a long time without ailments and any existing ailment will be solved. That is why it named Kayakalpa. Kaya means the body and Kalpa means endless. This is a Himalayan technology that practiced by the ancient masters and this knowledge is transformed traditionally to subsequent generations. Now, this process can be managed with the support of a computer application that is convenient for everyone as a system of health management. Heritage Campus made it possible to avail of this program for the society as an educational program now. The Kayakalpa expert Guru Yogi Mohan is teaching this technology and consultations also available for individuals and groups. Kayakalpa is not recommended any kind of medicine. It is recommended 28 days process for aging control and regeneration of the body. JOIN TO THE COURSE

Kayakalpa for Antimicrobial Resistance(AMR)

Antimicrobial Resistance (MAR) is a condition through that the body is unable to resist the disease , virus and other epidemic. The living longevity theory of ancient traditions solving the AMR conditions of the body in 3 weeks time.

Kayakalpa for aesthetic imbalance

Aesthetics are defining the shape and beauty of the human body and tower. By the wrong order of the balance from the center of the body is exhibited the aesthetic imbalance and that affects the appearance. This aesthetic disorder can be correctable in a few days. You can learn it in 28 days and can practice it as a profession.

Kalpa-Sutra for disability & Autism

Human disabilities are caused by many reason. The approaches to disability is basically different than the approaches of the modern biology . The age old Kalpa-Sutra is a practical remedy for solving human disabilities in few week time. Kalpa-Sutra is teaching to parents , educators and medical professionals to implement as a system of management in the society.