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Guru Yogi Mohan

Kayakalpa Expert 

Guru Yogi Mohan is a 29th generation traditional person who has theoretical and practical experience in Kalpa Sutras and Kayakalpa. Kayakalap is a living longevity technology for all age group and KalpaSutra is a technology for normalising Human conditions. Both are practised and taught by ancient Himalayan masters for many thousand years. Guru Yogi Mohan has been undergone the Gurukula system of education for long period from Yogies and Monks, from Himalayan caves other than his academic education. Hence he is defining the things connecting with physics and medical science.
The ancient knowledge is taught by the masters as theory and practice. As per the ancient natural philosophies, there are sixty-four branches of science connecting with human life. It is defined as the management in any junction in life. A human life span is defined as sixty-four events based on different stages of the life span.  
Guru Yogi Mohan wrote the complete theory based on Indian mythologies and ancient science as a series of sixty-four books, and each volume of the series is publishing every month.  As per the evidence, 15900 years ago masters taught the living longevity theory to the disciples and intellectually able persons to protect the body and mind by following the terminologies. 

Modern science has been different approaches and used modern words. But the subject and object is the human body, mind and their life are same in all the times. So basically the approaches are the same.​
All such traditional knowledge is known as natural philosophies. Because the word 'science' is started use after the 17th century AD only. The limitation for the understanding of ancient knowledge has been for the languages. The Indian tradition has been used local language and Sankrit and that is not a common language to understand and study for the modern people. So the knowledge has been ignored. But now, Antimicrobial resistance and human conditions are not able to manage with modern approaches of medical science. Ancient science has a different definition and approaches to this topic. He is presenting these topics through his books and teachings.


There are more than 1260 rare diseases, nearly 100 disabilities, cancers, HIV, and many other problems like Corona, AMR etc is attacking the human body without solutions. . The society is still waiting for the solution for the same. ​
For 30 years, Guru Yogi Mohan is practising KalpaSutra and Kayakalpa successfully and experienced more than 3000 different cases in all age groups. During this period he has developed perfect theory and course modules to teach these practical technologies to the modern world. The phrase and terminologies were used earlier has been in ancient form and used the same methodology. Now it is organized in a modern way and digitalised. Upon completing this course, they will be expert professionals in the health care industry without using the medicine. It is happening, because in ancient terminology human biology has another definition.